How the Water Battle works

Water Companies use the Water Battle game to help players save water in a fun and engaging way. But how does that work? How can you save water by playing a game?


Explore a wonderful world and complete all the levels.

Meet the creatures who are living in our water system. Kids are challenged to complete levels to save these creatures.

Learn about water saving


Read tips and trivia about water saving

Kids learn about water saving through tips and trivia in the game. Families learn about their habits like shower time and washing frequency.

Track Water Usage


Make water saving goals and track water usage

Achieving the goal unlocks new levels for the kids to play and to compete in the leaderboards with other families.

Free expert course

Learn how to motivate your customers to start saving water in 4 steps.

Reduce water usage with a game

Water Battle is for children and parents

Children play and learn

  • Play through 24 new levels every week
  • Learn through tips and trivia between levels
  • Earn diamonds to unlock all the levels
Water Battle Parents

Parents track and save

  • Set a pledge to save water with the family
  • Track water usage during the week
  • Earn diamonds by saving water

How to use the Water Battle

Play with your actual water usage

Water usage can be tracked in the game using smart meters or manual meter readings. Even if you don’t have easy access to your water meter, water use can be estimated based on your habits.

Water Battle in the classroom

The Water Battle can be combined with a school battle where children compete with each other for the biggest savings.

Start saving now

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