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The Dutch Water Battle Rollout

In the Netherlands, Water Battle is currently identified by the biggest water company Vitens to reduce water usage during peak hours. Do you want to know more?

The Vitens Water Demand Challenge

Over the years, Vitens Water noticed increasing stress to meet water demand during peak hours. The Water Company explored gamification options but did not find a good fit. The reason was simply that they wanted a solution that targets the entire household (children and parents). Corresponding with Grendel Games, the Water Battle was born.

How Water Battle was implemented

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Rollout location

Smart meters

Meter type in the region

500 players

Total number of players

322 households

Total number of participating households

3 months

Duration of the intervention

Data collection and Results

The data collection was in two forms, quantitative and qualitative. The data was analysed by the data science team of Vitens Water.

Qualitative data results

  • After the validation, 83% of the participants said they have a better understanding of their water consumption.
  • More than 80% indicated they are more aware of water sustainability after participation in WaterBattle.
  • 78% of the participants stated that it is ‘very important’ that water companies stimulate sustainable water consumption.
  • Vitens also reported that customers’ willingness to speak positively about their brand increased from 10% to 70% due to Water Battle.

Quantitative results

Average water reduction

7% average reduction in water consumption during the Water Battle

  • More than 25% reduction of water usage during morning peak by best players.
  • All players significantly reduced water usage during evening peak.
Maximum water reducation

Want to know more?

Water companies all over the world have tried the Water Battle. Are you joining too?