The Team

Meet the people from Grendel Games who are currently working on the Water Battle.

Jan-Jaap Severs

Jan-Jaap Severs

Founder & operational director

Anne Draaisma

Anne Draaisma

Product Owner & Artist

Alex Wijnbeek

Game developer


Arjen Pander

Back end developer

Friso Roolvink

Friso Roolvink

Game designer

Water Battle is a product from Grendel Games

The Water Battle is being developed by Grendel Games with the help of our partners and clients in the water industry. Grendel Games is an award winning serious game studio that is active in sustainability, healthcare and education. Discover more from Grendel Games on their website.

Grendel Games logo

Serious Games developer

Grendel Games wants to bring a positive change in the world. Their games are seriously entertaining

Partners and clients

Vitens logo

Water Company

Vitens is the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands.

Brabant Water logo

Water Company

Brabant Water is the climate-neutral drinking water company that supplies drinking water to 2.5 million inhabitants and companies in Brabant.

Anglian Water logo

Water Company

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area.

Welsh Water Logo

Water Company

Welsh Water is a not-for-profit company which supplies drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and parts of western England.

Want to know more?

Water companies all over the world have tried the Water Battle. Are you joining too?